What Is Backflow? The undesirable reversal of flow of water or mixtures of water and other liquids, gases or other substances into the distribution pipes of the potable water supply.

Broad Creek Public Service District installs a dual check backflow prevention device at the meter to each residential property owner's home to protect against contamination of the potable water system. However, property owners that have an irrigation system or swimming pool on their property must install a backflow prevention device.

On June 13, 1997 Governor Beasley signed into law Senate Bill #236 which requires every county and municipality in South Carolina to adopt Uniform Building Codes by June 13, 2000.

For a simple underground lawn irrigation sprinkler system, several backflow prevention devices are acceptable: double check valve assembly (DCVA), pressure vacuum breaker (PVB), or the atmospheric vacuum breaker (AVB).

When a DCVA and/or reduced pressure principal backflow prevention assemblies are installed, routine testing of the assemblies need to be performed by a certified tester on an annual basis.

Broad Creek PSD is to receive a written report of the testing results for assemblies tested within the District. The report shall be submitted by the certified tester making the certification and test.

Call or write Terra Brown for a list of certified testers of backflow prevention equipment in Beaufort County.

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