bulllet BCPSD Technical Specifications

bulllet G-01 Air Release Valve
bulllet G-02 Bedding Detail, Pressure Pipe
bulllet G-03 Bore and Jack Detail
bulllet G-04 Bridge Attachment, Typical
bulllet G-05 Bridge Attachment, Detail
bulllet G-06 Piling Pipeline Support
bulllet G-07 Curb Marking Detail
bulllet G-08 Restraint, Mechanical
bulllet G-09 Restraint, Thrust Blocking
bulllet G-10 Typical Service Tie-In
bulllet G-11 Submerged Crossing
bulllet G-12 Standard Valve Detail
bulllet G-13 Tapping Sleeve and Valve Detail
bulllet G-14 2 Inch Connection
bulllet G-15 Tees and Valves
bulllet G-16 Wet Utility Crossing

bulllet S-01 Bedding Detail
bulllet S-02 Gravity Main Crossing
bulllet S-03 Grease Trap Detail
bulllet S-04 Manhole, Cover & Frame
bulllet S-05 Manhole, Drop.JBC
bulllet S-06 Manhole, Flat Top.JBC
bulllet S-07 Manhole, Force Main Control
bulllet S-08 Manhole, Standard
bulllet S-09 Sewer Service Single
bulllet S-10 Pump Station Site Plan
bulllet S-11 Pump Station Section I
bulllet S-12 Pump Station Section II
bulllet S-13 Pump Station Wet Well
bulllet S-14 Pump Station Fencing Detail
bulllet S-15 Pump Station Electrical Layout
bulllet S-16 Pump Station Control Panel and Main Disconnect
bulllet S-17 Pump Station Hatch Detail
bulllet S-18-A Pump Station Simplex Grinder
bulllet S-18-B Pump Station Simplex Grinder
bulllet S-18-C Typical outddor Installation
bulllet S-18-D Semi-Positive Displacement Type Grinder PS
bulllet S-19 Sewer Check Valve
bulllet S-20 Sewer Air Release Pedestal Assembly
bulllet S-21 Pump Station 6X6 Grate Detail

bulllet W-01 Backflow Prevention Detail
bulllet W-02 Blow-off Hydrant Detail
bulllet W-03 Fire Hydrant, Standard
bulllet W-04 Fire Hydrant Detail, Under Ditch
bulllet W-05 Meter Vault Detail, Larger
bulllet W-06 Water Service Plan
bulllet W-07 Water Service Profile
bulllet W-08 Water Sampling Station
bulllet W-09 Meter Bank Detail, 6 Meter Max
bulllet W-10 Water and Sewer-Storm Separation

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